Withering Trough with Fan

The evaporated moisture from the green leaf is brought about by moving or blowing air over the leaves in the withering trough. The force of the air will serve two purposes i.e. transmitting the heat from leaves to achieve physical withering. Presently in most of the tea factories withering trough is practiced and the dimension of trough varies. Withering troughs are normally placed in the first floor of the factory.

Even Feeding Systen with Control

In adherence to the industry standards we manufacture quality, low maintenance and high performing Green Leaf even feeding system. As per the clients requirement on technical changes, the machines can be manufactured at budget that fits one’s pocket.

Rotor Vane Machine

Rotorvane is a mincing equipment (rolling machine) which is used as a pre conditioner for wilted leaves that are to be fed into the main CTC machine for processing.

We manufacture and supply Rotorvanes to cater tea industry nationally and internationally. Rotorvane from Lakshmi Industries has been built to meet the modern day requirements of the tea industry for rolling leaves.

CTC Cutting Machine

CTC cutting machine is the set of machine combination which is used for rolling cutting and pelletiing the fresh tea leaf. Different pelleted size specifications can be produced by adjusting the space between couple of gear rollers. Technical provision of the roller gears has an important part in quality performance.

Our engineering department ensures the correct technical specifications and formulations as required by clients. Accurate performance that results in optimal output and less maintenance makes our client happy on our products.

Googi Rotary Drum

The cut in tea leaves are then passed to Googi Rotary drum to achieve the required density and rounded shape. The drum is a large aluminum or steel drum which runs at normal speed. The leaf which comes out of the drum will be passed to fermentation floor. We manufacture Googi Rotary Drum in various sizes and shapes according to the client’s specifications and requirement.

Fermentation process

Humidified air is required for uniform fermentation and this air is supplied from a Air Blower through an aerodynamically designed air chamber. The proper and powerful drive system controls the speed variation for proper fermentation. The entire system is fully automated and continuous and can be designed and manufactured as per the client’s need and factory space requirement. We are the leading manufacturers of Continuous Fermenting Machines. It’s designed and manufactured to prevail over all the problems of fermentation and cater the best in the industry.

Fermenting Drum

Fermentation Drums are designed for the stuck fermentation by focusing on controlling parameters like temperature, pH for smooth fermentation. Combined with the expertise in high-technology tank manufacturing, we supplies renowned customized solutions for the small, medium-sized and large breweries.

Dryer with Hot Air Impeller & Cyclone

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Quality Tea Dryer. The Dryer has been designed with Air Impeller to supply required quantity of hot air. The dryers come with efficient cyclone dust removal system to pick up fiber and other particles, leaving the tea granules in the chamber behind. This system contains separate cyclones with extractor fitted in a common hood. Dampers maintain the air balance. We follow the industry standards to design the system that can be customized.

Jumbo Fiber Extractor Machine

We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of jumbo fibre extractor machines in India. It is designed to extract and remove fibres from CTC teas. This ensures absolute final tea product without losing its gloom.

Efficient use of static electricity by machine ensures that moisture is not present in the tea granules. To meet the correct technical specifications while manufacturing is important. We make sure all the design technical aspects have met through our quality testing.

Trinix Sorting Machine

With comprehensive industry knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Trinic Sorters. Quality tested material sourced from renowned vendors is used in the fabrication process of these trinic sorters. Moreover, it is the excellence of our team that we manage to bring forth these sorters that are in adherence with international quality standards.


Tea Winnower is designed to remove fiber in CTC tea. The winnower has Conveyor belt running in opposite direction that split light particles. It consists of shaking unit with a pierced screen in the main unit of winnower. The upper screen and bottom screen perforations are 14 mm and 5mm respectively.

We engage in manufacturing and supplying of Tea Winnower. Manufacturing of these winnowers are in strict compliance with the variegated requirements of our esteemed customers. Final quality check by our experts ensures that the final product is impeccable and superior.

Firewood Heater

Firewood heater is the popular means of heating and can be applied for the home heating and industrial use. It employs a convoluted flue path running through dense thermal mass (often a combination of brick and cob) to soak up and store the maximum amount of heat, releasing it over time. Efficiency of the fire wood heater is depends on how wood is converted to heat with little pollution, while effectiveness comes from being able to store that heat over time.