Coconut De-husking Machine

300 nuts/h 1.5 hp

Coconut de-husking machine peels off the coconut husk from coconut fruit to obtain de husked coconut fruit.

Deshelling Machine

300 nuts/hr 1.5 hp
350 nuts/hr 2 hp

Coconut De Shelling machines are used to detach the hard coconut shell from the dehusked coconut with rotating a cracking motorised disk cutter

Screw Conveyor

A Screw Conveyor is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade to move fine bulk material to required place.

Coconut Shredder

Coconut shredder is made of 230V grinding machine for shredderin.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor used for carrying materials from one location to another location.

Coconut Pulverizer

Pulverizer has been developed for grating coconut into small particles. All contact parts are made with food grade materials with high rigidity.

Coconut Milk Extractor Machine

50/h 2 hp
100/h 5 hp
250/h 7.5 hp
500/h 15 hp
1000/h 25 hp

Coconut milk extractor machine is used to extract coconut milk from pulverised coconut.

Vibro Stage Filter

LE 25 1 hp
LE 30 1.5 hp
LE 48 5 hp

By use of Vibro Stage Filter, coconut milk can be filtered from slags and other matirials.

Cream Seperator

Cream separator, machine for separating and removing cream from whole milk; its operation is based on the fact that skim milk is heavier than cream.


100 /hr 5 hp
200/hr 7.5 hp
500/hr 15 hp
25 hp

Coconut Disintegrator is used to convert De shelled coconut into powdered form. Powdered coconut is used for preparing Desiccated Coconut Powder and Coconut Milk.

Vibtrating Fluidized Bed Dryer

200/hr 36 hp
400/hr 45 hp
600/hr 56 hp

Vibtrating Fluidized Bed Dryer are designed to dry coconut powder.

Grading Machine

Using Grading Machine, desiccated coconut powder can be graded into fine and course size.

Rotary Sieve

SS 304 Food Grade 2 hp

Rotary Sieve are primarily to sieve over sized product, removal of foreign material.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator can be a optimal solution to elevate variety of bulk materials from any level to a higher level.

Washing Screw Conveyor

Washing screw conveyor is used for Coconut powder transportation and washing. Coconut powder is driven spirally for agitated washing and transportation. The wash liquid is sprayed into at the middle of washer for counter current washing. Suspending impurities flow out from overflow channel and precipitated impurities is periodically discharged from bottom dirty removing valve.